‘Sue Willis, advisory teacher to St Francis School, has been a vital source of support for pupils, parents and staff over the last 5 years. Sue’s realistic provision guidance was always practical, intuitive and most importantly reaped rewards. Assessment was always partnered with resources and management strategies that could easily be implemented and measured. Sue’s legacy of intervention advice will continue to support pupils in future years. We look forward to using Sue’s support under her new role’ – Debbie Galey, SENCo

‘You have been an amazing advisory teacher and we’ve loved working with you. Thank you for all your help and support. We really appreciate all that you have done for us and I hope that we can work together again soon’ – Rachel Mills, SENCo

‘I do not know what I would have done without your advice and support during my first year as SENCo’ – SENCo, North Somerset

‘I have worked closely with Sue, our Advisory Teacher, since I began the SENCO role. Sue has always been a fountain of support and knowledge, not just to myself, but more importantly she has provided a wealth of practical and sound advice and support for students, parents and staff. Her positive nature and willingness to always find a way or find an answer has been highly valued. Her absolute passion to ensure that parents and students always remain at the heart of everything we do is so important and fully compliments the ethos that we have at our school. I look forward to continuing to work with Sue as she embarks on her new role’ Mrs Nicky Moon, SENCo, Churchill Academy

‘I enjoyed learning some lovely creative ideas’ – Training feedback from a Teaching Assistant

‘I really enjoyed this course – thank you’ – Training feedback from a Teaching Assistant